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Hi, my name is James Weir and I’m a Melbourne-based financial adviser who also happens to have a deep interest in health and wellbeing.

I work for Steward Wealth, a financial planning firm that helps clients get on top of how they make, manage and spend their money. A lot of our clients are busy professionals who don’t have the time, or perhaps the inclination, to look after their finances and want someone to help them out so they can feel comfortable and confident they’re making the most of their financial resources.

I also try to take care of myself physically and mentally. I’m a firm believer that the human body is like any machine: what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. To feel your best requires finding a balance between what you do, what you eat and how you relax.

I also believe that modern life makes it challenging to do the right thing, both for your wealth and your health. With so much media spouting different, and often contradictory, advice it’s easy to forget the importance of plain old common sense.

I’m an information junkie: I spend a lot of time reading as well as listening to podcasts. This blog includes some of my own views about health, financial markets and what’s going on in the world, as well as things I’ve read or heard that I reckon are interesting, or sometimes just thought provoking. I’ll only post when I find something interesting, as opposed to sticking to any particular schedule.

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