COVID by the numbers

  1. Infectiousness of the Delta variant1:

    • Viral load of Delta variant 1260x that of the original
    • Time from exposure to first positive test 4 days, vs 6 days for the original
    • PCS cycle threshold value 24, vs 34 for the original (indicates a greater amount of virus in the sample)
    • Conclusion: faster replication rate + reduced incubation period + greater viral shedding = increased infectiousness and transmissibility
  2. Consequence of contracting the Delta variant of COVID2:

    • 120% increase in the likelihood of hospitalisation
    • 287% increase in the likelihood ICU admission
    • 137% increased risk of death
  3. Effectiveness of vaccines preventing symptomatic disease3

    • Delta variant:
      • Pfizer
        • One shot: 36%
        • Two shots: 88%
      • Astra Zeneca:
        • One shot: 30%
        • Two shots: 67%
    • Alpha (aka UK) variant after two shots:
      • Pfizer: 94%
      • Astra Zeneca: 75%
  4. In the US, since May, fully vaccinated people account for4

    • 1.1% of hospital admissions
    • 0.8% of deaths
  5. Vaccination and risk

    • Risk of blood clots from AstraZeneca vaccine: estimated to be 1 in 88,000 (0.001%)5
    • Risk of dying from such a blood clot: 1 in 2.1 million (0.00005%)
      • That is roughly the same risk as being struck by lightning6
    • Other sources of blood clot risk:
      • Flying: 1 in 4,656 (0.02%)7
      • Oral contraceptive pill: 1 in 3,000 (0.03%)8
    • COVID-19 poses 8 to 10 times the risk of blood clots (in the brain) than that of COVID-19 vaccines9

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