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Exploding some myths about osteoarthritis

Being an arthritis sufferer myself I found this interview from ABC’s The Health Report with David Hunter, Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Sydney, really terrific. He explodes some popular misconceptions, like once you’ve got arthritis there’s nothing you can do, or that running is really bad for joints.

Professor Hunter points out arthritis is a dynamic condition that is associated with inflammation more than overuse. Two of the most common causes are genetics and being overweight, with the latter accounting for as much as 50% of the likelihood of getting arthritis of the knee.

He explains that learning proper technique to avoid sports injuries would reduce knee replacements by 20% and reducing the average weight by just 5kg would reduce the incidence of knee arthritis by one third!

For treatment there are some drugs that help with pain but weight control and exercise are the mainstays of long-term self management.

If you follow the link above you can read the transcript, or listen over the website, or you can download the episode on iTunes.

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